This document is a code of specific actions and practices that persons who are on the census or are part of the representative bodies of CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA must fulfil in order to ensure a political system committed to citizens, with effective transparent democratic and participatory mechanisms regarding finances and accountability, with genuine opportunities for citizens to participate in and make decisions on public affairs.

Various commitments and measures are set out that aim to ensure everyone can devote the necessary time to political management and public functions while at the same time putting an end to the privileges that much of the political establishment has enjoyed for many years and that have led to a serious distancing from the needs of citizens.

This commitment to political ethics is based on the trust and commitment that CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA has with people who will hold public office, as well as being a support, oversight, and accountability mechanism for their work.

Persons holding public office under the mandate of this code of ethics also agree to promote the necessary legal instruments and mechanisms for these ethical principles to become the compulsory standard for everyone in the municipal government.

CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA agrees to defend the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in social, political and institutional areas of our society.


All public officials of CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA agree to:

1.1 Defend that established in the political program of CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA and act as representatives required to follow the decisions made through democratic mechanisms open to the public that CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA establishes, promoting mutual responsibility of all.

1.2 Make public the schedules of representatives so all meetings, participants and topics discussed are known. Make meeting agendas and minutes public.

1.3 Provide all income, assets and capital gains of the representatives, as well as all information necessary to detect possible conflicts of interest and to conduct citizen audits. This commitment will include the 2 years following their exit from public office.

1.4 Account for their actions to citizens through assemblies and online instruments that are democratic and public.

1.5 Agree to censure and dismissal from office, of council members for mismanagement or flagrant and unjustified breach of the program. To make this possible, a guarantee mechanism and management assessment of public officials of CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA will be established, and citizens shall have the right and duty to actively participate in the oversight and supervision of the tasks of public officials to ensure proper and honest implementation of this principle.

1.6 Not accept for a minimum of 2 years after leaving office any position of responsibility in businesses created, regulated, supervised by, or beneficiaries of any municipal contract, in the area and/or sector where they performed their duties as representatives. Under no circumstance may they hold positions on the board of advisers of the same.

1.7 Maintain regular contact with citizens, ensuring the necessary opportunities in his or her agenda to address them and respond to proposals, especially to groups in vulnerable situations. CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA agrees to hold at least one open assembly prior to every City Hall plenary so our representatives may collect proposals from citizens, whether on the plenary agenda or not.

1.8 Guarantee citizen participation in relevant decision-making and in the political positioning of the list of candidates on strategic topics and projects with social, environmental or urban planning impact, considering the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity. All persons occupying elected positions agree to promote and support citizen initiatives proposed within existing legal frameworks or as part of the list of candidates.

1.9 All persons subscribing to this Code of Ethics agree to an uncompromising commitment to equality, and against domestic violence and sexism.

1.10 All those persons elected as council members agree to hold a CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA assembly prior to every municipal plenary in which the plenary agenda will be presented and the position of CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA that will be defended in the plenary will be determined.

1.11 Persons within the organization will demonstrate, in the performance of their duties and in terms of internal operations, a strong commitment to equality and to persons in situations of oppression and discrimination; therefore, all persons subscribing to this code agree to participate to the extent possible in training on feminism to deal with sexism and discrimination within mixed organizations.



All public officials of CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA agree to:

2.1 Be transparent in their functions, publishing individually all information regarding income and spending that they will manage as a social economy.

2.2 Set an upper limit on private donations.

2.3 Explicitly refuse bank loans and donations from individuals that may compromise the political independence of CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA. Explicitly commit to work with ethical banking institutions to ensure its independence and consistency of its program.

2.4 Be clearly committed to drastic limits on campaign spending.

2.5 Promote fixed-purpose crowd-funding, i.e., small crowd-funding aimed at specific actions or specific needs.

2.6 Not use foundations or corporations for financing with resources or non-transparent mechanisms, and which may have different objectives than those of CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA.

2.7 Implement effective administrative and legal sanctions in case of irregular funding.

2.8 CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA will make effective use of its financing in a way consistent with this code of ethics and its values, making specific and fixed-purpose contributions aimed at strengthening societal networks (without generating dependency or a patronage system).



All elected officials of CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA agree to:

3.1 Renounce gifts and privileges that may be offered to them by virtue of their office and which could represent preferential treatment.

3.2 Not take on multiple public positions, other than those linked to their role as council member.

3.3 Not earn multiple salaries or charge any fees for attending meetings.

3.4 Establish a maximum salary of 3.5 times the minimum wage as a monthly net salary, with the option of up to 4 times the minimum wage if the salary of previous occupation exceeded this amount and with prior authorization of the Assembly, including daily allowances; with the understanding that this amount ensures decent conditions to exercise the responsibilities and functions of the position. The salary will also be adjusted according to responsibilities.

3.5 Limit the term of office to two consecutive legislatures. In exceptional cases, the term may be extended one more term provided there is citizen discussion and approval.

3.6 Agree to resign or be dismissed immediately from office when accused by the judiciary of crimes related to corruption, profit from breach of trust, influence peddling, unjust enrichment from public or private resources, bribery, embezzlement and misappropriation of public funds either for their own benefit or for that of third parties. The same applies for accusations of crimes of racism, xenophobia, domestic violence, homophobia or other crimes against Human Rights or labour rights.

3.7 Properly transfer information and knowledge (at no charge) following the protocol agreed on within the framework of CAMBIEMOS ORIHUELA.

3.8 Support the balance between private and political life, creating support mechanisms for public officials during their re-entry to the workforce if employment is not found.

3.9 Develop mechanisms to support a work-life balance.

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