who we are

Cambiemos Orihuela is a space for citizens and political parties to come together with the aim of taking back municipal institutions and returning them to the people. Cambiemos Orihuela presents itself to the Oriolana community as a citizen’s platform made up of the political parties United Left and the Greens. Citizens, not affiliated with any political party, have joined this process. They are professionals, students, housewives, union members, activists, volunteers, teachers, the unemployed, feminists and from many other walks of life. We are a group of honest people that has created the opportunity for debate and discussion working toward a progressive political change in Orihuela, its surrounding areas and the coast. In the III Convergence Assembly, held in the Maria Moliner Public Library on 6 February, we chose the name we will use to represent ourselves in the municipal elections and we are known as Cambiemos Orihuela, which was voted by the Assembly. We also chose our spokespersons. For Orihuela and the surrounding areas: Karlos Bernabé, Pascuala Sandoval, Abilio Vaillo and Alvaro Belmonte and for Orihuela Costa: Esther Romero, Kirk Garrett Smith and Javier Vicente Muñoz.  

What we want

  • Create the opportunity to debate, discuss and unite.
  • Complete transparency and ethics in municipal government.
  • Support the development of cooperatives, small businesses and self-employment to promote the municipal economy.
  • Conduct an audit of municipal accounts to learn the economic situation of the City Hall and the actual resources available.
  • Implement and promote citizen participation in municipal government and define the necessary mechanisms to facilitate participation.
  • Support public services and bids in the management of the municipality.
  • Have proper and clean public transportation between the city of Orihuela, the surrounding areas, and the coast. Eliminate the architectural obstacles to improve access by citizens with special needs.
  • Defend a policy of equality in City Hall.
  • Improve the collection of rubbish and eco-parks and study the future of the city from an ecological point of view of clean energy and sustainability.
  • Use the best control mechanisms to avoid crimes against animals and the environment.
  • Build health centers and education facilities of fixed structures and not modules. We want our teachers and our children to have the support and all the resources necessary to improve the level of education and the integration of the various communities that make up this city.

We invite groups, associations and individuals who want to participate or continue with this process of change in which citizens have extensive participation. We also call on all residents of any nationality with a knowledge of Spanish to provide proposals and to participate in the decision-making. Between all of us we have the possibility to make our municipality better and achieve the change we all want. Cambiemos Orihuela is an instrument made by citizens who want to take back government institutions and decide on our future and that of our city.

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